The Peace of Heart Choir is ever changing, members come and go depending on where life takes them, so we are always on the lookout for new singers. If you love to sing, and believe in our cause, we would love for you to audition with us.

Auditions are held twice a year, each January and August. Our performance seasons are in the Spring from February to June and in the Fall from September to December.

To schedule an audition, please send us an email at  

Easy Auditions!

We accept singers who are able to

  • Blend with other voices

  • Sing a cappella (without instruments or accompaniment)

  • Harmonize

  • Sing arrangements for multiple vocal parts

The ability to sight read is not essential. Our conductor conducts the audition with a few members forming an audition panel.


Are we a good fit?

After a successful audition we like prospective members to try the Choir out. We feel that it is important that you get to decide whether we are the right choir for you. Auditioning us involves joining us for the first few rehearsals of the season, to see if you like the music, the people, and the vibe. If we are a good fit for you we then welcome you as an official member of the Peace of Heart Choir.



We are able to do 20+ outreach concerts a year because we perform as smaller subsets of the Choir. No single member has to shoulder too much work, but we do have certain minimum expectations of each current singer.

  • The commitment to join us is season by season. So if you decide to stay after the first few weeks of rehearsals, we ask that you stick with us for the entire season, which lasts about four months. After that, you decide whether to come back. But most of our members have sung with us for several years, some for a decade or more.

  • All singers are expected to attend rehearsals. Singers need to know choral music for the season and all seasonal choral music is taught during rehearsals.

  • Singers must attend at least half of our outreach concerts, this is a minimum of five concerts each season. Outreach concerts are mostly scheduled on weekends or on weekday evenings. Singers have the flexibility of deciding their own schedule, by choosing which concerts they want to perform in.

  • Every season, we request each singer to donate an amount of $80 so we may cover a part of our expenses running the choir. This is not an absolute requirement to join the Choir and we are willing to accept any amount that you can spare.

  • We also like our singers to help with ticket sales for our benefit concerts. Benefit concerts are scheduled at the end of season to raise funds to run the Choir and showcase the season’s repertoire.



Once a season starts, rehearsals are held every Thursday from 7:00 to 9:30pm with a short break in between. Choral music notation, lyrics and sectional audio tracks for songs of that season are sent to members via email.

In addition to this we also have sectional rehearsals offered to singers to practice their individual sections.