Peace of Heart Choir Starts a Blog!

We are a non-profit collective of musical community members who came together shortly after the September 11, 2001 tragedies to help promote healing, diversity, community bonding, and mutual understanding in the New York City metropolitan area through music. As part of this mission, we perform multiple on-site concerts each season, free of charge, for non-profit organizations, area shelters, hospitals, service providers, and any not-for-profit engagement that promotes healing, diversity, community bonding and mutual understanding.  Through our partnerships with caring community members, and organizations that promote community healing such as NYC Recovers, September Concert, and World Cares Center's September Space, we provide the sensitive and comprehensive outreach necessary to insure that as many communities as possible can take advantage of our musical community service. In order to supplement the funding necessary to carry out our mission, we occasionally do paid concerts for events sponsored by organizations that are not non-profit, as long as the events are consistent with our mission.

Peace of Heart Choir has been directed by composer and conductor Robert René Galván since Fall 2010.

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