Weaving A Tapestry of Sound: Reflecting on the First Fall Rehearsal

The first rehearsal of the season had me a bit nervous. Though I had sung in some of the 9/11 events, I hadn't actually been in the Choir the previous season and a half.  My first season had been one of transition; the last season with our previous choir director. My second season had been with the new director, until a series of unfortunate events had sidelined me and I had to take a leave from the Choir.

On our first rehearsal this season, when we went into the practice room, we were greeted with art supplies and the Choir's new business cards, or stickers, to put our names on.  I love art supplies.  A large box of Crayola crayons can still get me to grin with glee and start dreaming away.  So I jumped right in and drew a little kitty face next to my name.  Yes, I love cats, too.  I've been owned by a little dark tabby named Calypso for 16 years now.  >^.^<

It was all very friendly.  A good deal of time was spent on introductions (new members got lollipops!) and I realized that we actually had lots of new members, and even more amazingly, many were men!  For those that complain they can't find men to date, let me assure you, it's a lot harder to find men to sing with.  :D

After some warmups we started in on two songs, Amani and 7 Principles.  I was happy to see that at least some of the Amani song was in French.  I knew those classes would come in handy someday!  ;)  

With some practice I started to just enjoy that feeling of singing with a group.  Together--though we all have different voices--we weave a united tapestry of sound.  It can make me joyous, and I hope it makes others joyous as well.

-Doris, POHC Soprano
Doris can be reached at kalypso_one@hotmail.com