Spring 2013 Song Selection

New York City is in the dog days of summer, but The Peace of Heart Choir is already thinking about Spring 2013! [img responsive="true"][/img]

A full season in advance, members nominate and vote on songs that will not only be performed during an upcoming season, but will also become part of the ever-growing general POHC repertoire. Charts are used to keep track of votes for the many excellent song nominations. In accordance with the Song Selection Guidelines, members choose six songs from the existing repertoire, six new songs not previously performed by POHC, and two sing-along songs that can be old or new to the group.

Another twist to the proposal and selection process is ensuring that the upcoming repertoire includes songs in English, Spanish and additional foreign languages (all according to the Guidelines--a document created and ratified by POHC members). Members use various media tools to present music and lyrics when nominating a song.

This season, we had a great turnout--approximately 15 members gathered around a conference table in Midtown Manhattan to share their proposed lyrics and music, via all forms of media. We even sang a few songs to see how we liked them. The decision making was difficult because all of the choices were so good! Votes were cast and the POHC Spring 2013 repertoire is ready to be announced:

Returning Songs: 59th Street Bridge Song Aquarius de Colores (Spanish) Everyday People Stand By Me (Spanish/English) The Lion Sleeps Tonight

New Songs: Die Gedanken (German) El Beso (Spanish) Madrigal Fire Put a Little Love in Your Heart This is My Song Tumbalalaika (Yiddish)

Sing-along Songs: New York, New York Turn! Turn! Turn!

Why does POHC conduct song selection a full season ahead?

Simple! Our Musical Facilitator, Robert René Galván, uses the time to research and prepare SATB choral arrangements for each of the new songs, andsometimes makes updates on returning arrangements so they will be ready for the specific blend of voices and talents to be participating. Now that we have a sneak peak at Spring 2013, we can focus on Fall 2012 with our upcoming auditions starting August 9. We hope to see you at our fundraising concert in December, but for now, we encourage you to enjoy your summer!