At The 9/11 Museum

In semi-darkness, on a high balcony above Foundation Hall. Down below, tourists from the four corners, firemen, survivors and their kin. And the “Last Column,” adorned with the graffiti of the firefighters who pulled it from the wreckage 13 years ago. That day.

We sang of not looking back as you walk down “That Lonesome Road”. Of the “Bright Morning Star” we follow, and of the ancestors who walk with us. Of “One Day,” when the world will be at peace. And a few more. As always, we sang to heal ourselves, and others.

Two short, most solemn sets. It was hard to imagine they heard us, from our high perch. Despite the mikes, and the PA. Only a smattering of applause. But I believe our voices carried.

We exited with the Twin Towers on our left, still standing tall. On our right, the maps, with days and times of each attack so clearly marked. And the voices of the reports. Up the escalator, back into the warmth of a pre-summer evening. Meandering towards our next to last rehearsal, loaded down with guitars, amps, a piano.

On the subway, an encore performance, as we stood, pushed together in the rush hour crowd. Again, only a smattering. But no complaints.

-Gary Baker,Choir Singer

It has become a tradition for a member of POHC to do a post-concert write-up. It started when our Sign-up Coordinator began emailing her summaries to the other members in order to entice newer members to sign-up to sing at community concerts held early in the season. It didn’t take long for Concert Write-ups to become greatly anticipated amongst our members, so we share them here in hopes that you’ll join us at a future concert