In August 2019, the choir performed The Star Spangled Banner
at Richmond County Stadium before a game of the Staten Island Yankees
(click video below)

Healing with Music

We are a volunteer New York City Choir that came together shortly after the 9/11 tragedies. Our aim is to promote healing, diversity, community bonding, and mutual understanding through music. We perform free of charge for communities in need, in partnership with social service providers.

Experience a Performance

We perform throughout the year in New York City and its boroughs. Our choir members write about their experiences singing with Peace of Heart. Read about them and experience what it means to be part of the choir.

Music that reflects us

We have a multi-language choral repertoire that features diverse genres and musical traditions from around the world.  In the past two years alone, we have explored songs in Mandarin, Spanish, Maori, Hindi, Russian, German, Irish Gaelic, French, Hebrew, and several African languages, including Swahili, Luo, and Zulu. Our singing styles have included American Pop, Broadway/Show Tunes, Folk, Rock, R&B/Soul, Reggae, Latin, Jazz, Choral, Classical, Jewish A Cappella, Indian Classical/Fusion, Tamil Folk, Japanese Pop, Arabic, Bollywood, and Zambian A Cappella.