Seasons of Love: 15th Anniversary
Thanks to everyone who helped fund our album

Peace of Heart Choir Celebrates 15 Years with a New Recording of its Best Loved Songs!

Seasons of Love 1B.jpg

In 2016, Peace of Heart Choir is celebrating 15 years of singing and bringing joy to New Yorkers who need it most.

We wanted to take an opportunity to look back at past seasons, in the form of a “best of Peace of Heart Choir” musical theme for the Winter/ Holiday Season of 2016. 

But first we had to raise the money.  In one month's time we raised $3,000 with the help of supporters like you, and, in early December, we recorded a new album of songs titled "Seasons of Love." 

The album highlights favorite songs from the choir's nearly two-decade history of offering a multi-language choral repertoire that features diverse genres and musical traditions from around the world.

The album will be available soon for purchase.  For more information, write to us at