Warm up your voices.Fall 2012 Auditions are here!

Peace of Heart Choir is preparing for the Fall 2012 Season by holding auditions for new volunteer singers. Call or email to schedule an appointment and come prepared to sing 60 seconds or so of your favorite song, in any language, in any style or genre, as long as it's a capella (without instruments or CD/tape). You will sing for a small group consisting of three or four members of the choir and our Musical Director. We need someone like you! We accept talented amateurs and professionals alike.You’ll need to be able to:

  • blend with other voices
  • sing a cappella (without instruments or accompaniment)
  • harmonize
  • sing arrangements for multiple voice parts
  • commit to the choir's mission
  • be sufficiently available to rehearse and sing on short notice for at least some engagements.

    Ability to read music is helpful but not as important. Instrumental, dance, or other performers are also welcome. People of all races, ages, ethnicities, genders, gender expressions, sexual orientations, income levels, religions, beliefs, political affiliations, national origins, immigration statuses, and abilities/disabilities are welcome.

    We are looking for all voice parts, especially tenors and basses, who believe in our mission and are interested in singing diverse and popular music a cappella as well as with accompaniment.

    Audition Schedule

    • Thursday, August 9
    • Friday, August 10
    • Saturday, August 11


    All auditions will take place in midtown Manhattan. To schedule an audition, please email peaceofheartchoir@gmail.com or call (212) 252-3191.